IDW's "Zombies vs. Robots" Heads to Sony Pictures

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to IDW Publishing Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood's "Zombies vs. Robots," and that the film will be produced by "Transformers" director Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes. The film is based on a spec script by JT Petty titled "Inherit the Earth," which Petty adapted from the IDW Publishing series, and will be produced by Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Dave Alpert, and Rick Jacobs. According to Deadline:

The film focuses on a young girl who is the last survivor on earth. She is protected by a group of robots from a pack of zombies that are intelligent and evolved.

Following two miniseries by Ryall and Wood, the "Zombies vs. Robots" franchise returned last year in "Zombies vs. Robots Aventure," an anthology title written by Ryall and illustrated by several different artists. The "ZvR" concept is also at the core of IDW's "Infestation" crossover, in which the publisher's licensed comics "Star Trek," "Transformers," "G.I. Joe," and "Ghostbusters" are all overrun by zombies. Another miniseries is due to launch in April.

Petty's writing credits include the seven-part television series "The Burrowers" about a terror beneath the earth, the short film "Blood Red Earth," the "Batman Begins" video game, and three installments of the "Splinter Cell" series.

Bay, of course, is noted for producing and directing the "Transformers" series of films, as well as "Pearl Harbor" and "Armageddon." He also produced the reboots of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" franchises.

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