IDW to reprint Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman comic strips

IDW Publishing's Library of American Comics is partnering with DC Entertainment to reprint rare newspaper strips starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The archival collections will debut in July with Superman: The Silver Age Newspaper Dailies, Vol. 1: 1958-1961.

Although DC and Kitchen Sink Press reprinted the first few years of the Superman and Batman newspaper strips in the 1990s, they only scratched the surface of the comics' run: Superman, which featured the work of such creators as Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Curt Swan and Wayne Boring, was serialized from 1939 to 1966. The Batman strip, originally titled Batman and Robin, saw three major runs -- 1943 to 1946, 1966 to 1974, and 1989-1991. Wonder Woman's newspaper tenure was much short-lived, lasting less than a year (in 1944).

The Superman daily strips will be released in three collections, organized by era -- the Silver Age, the Atomic Age and the Golden Age -- with Sunday reprints published in a separate, concurrent series later in the year.

“It’s like discovering an entire alternate universe of famous Silver Age comic book stories,” Dean Mullaney, who’s editing and designing the series, said in a statement. “It’s better than an imaginary story — it’s Jerry Siegel doing a remake of his classic Superman’s Return to Krypton! … it’s Curt Swan, not Al Plastino, drawing The Menace of Metallo. Superman fans might want to consider these strips as taking place on a brand-new world — Earth-N for Newspapers!”

Pete Poplaski, who created the covers for the Kitchen Sink Press editions, designed the covers, while It's Superman! author Tom DeHaven wrote the foreword  for the Silver Age collection. The 288-page hardcover retails for $49.99. More details will be revealed soon about the Sunday reprints as well as the Batman and Superman collections.

The Library of American Comics has released acclaimed collections of such newspaper strips as Bloom County, Dick Tracy, Tarzan, Flash Gordon and Terry and the Pirates.

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