IDW to Publish Steve Niles' "Horrocide" Short Story Collection

Official Press Release

[Horrorcide]San Diego, CA, June 23, 2004-Steve Niles has established himself as comics' premiere writer of horror and suspense. In Horrorcide, to be released in September 2004, Niles and IDW Publishing present a selection of horror short stories-stand-alone tales of fear and fright that don't fit into his other series.

Josh Medors (30 Days Of Night Annual), Ben Templesmith (30 Days Of Night) and Chee (Dawn Of The Dead) each provide 16 pages of terrifying imagery that perfectly captures the tenor of this horrific frightfest.

"I love short horror stories," says Niles. "It gives me a chance to play with an assortment of ideas and work with my favorite people in the world. I'm very excited about this one. Hell, Josh's cover alone is worth the price!"

"Steve Niles has proven that his imagination is nearly boundless-that even though he writes a lot of books, he still has more stories to tell," said Jeff Mariotte, IDW's Editor-in-Chief. "Horrorcide lets him tell a few of those tales-but if we gave him the space he could probably keep going for another thousand pages, and still not hit bottom."

Horrorcide is a 48-page, full color prestige format comic book, with a retail price of $6.99.

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