IDW to publish 'Jack Kirby Mister Miracle: Artist's Edition'

IDW Publishing will follow Jack Kirby New Gods: Artist’s Edition with a 192-page collection of the legendary creator's work on Mister Miracle.

Part of the early-1970s "Fourth World" saga that also spanned DC Comics' Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, The Forever People and New Gods, Mister Miracle introduced not only escape artist Scott Free and the warrior Big Barda, but also the likes of Oberon, Granny Goodness and the Female Furies, who lived well beyond the series' 18 issues.

“Jack may never have been creatively happier than when he was writing and drawing Mister Miracle,” Mark Evanier, Kirby's former assistant and author of Kirby: King of Comics, said in a statement. “There were so many autobiographical aspects to it, starting with his own feelings and fantasies of ‘escaping’ from some of the shackles of the comic book industry, as well as the way the Scott Free/Big Barda relationship mirrored aspects of his own long and loving relationship with his life partner, Roz. You can feel Jack bursting free, like Mister Miracle escaping a trap, on every page.”

Jack Kirby Mister Miracle: Artist's Edition will collect seven issues from the series --  2-3 and 5-9 -- scanned from the original art and printed at 12 inches by 17 inches.

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