IDW to publish Dave Sim's <i>High Society Audio Digital</i> collection

Following a Monday visit to Dave Sim's Ontario home by CEO Ted Adams, IDW Publishing has struck a deal to release a hard-copy version of the Kickstarter-funded Cerebus: High Society Audio Digital as part of its new IDW Limited program. The company had already announced this week that it will publish a collection of all 300 Cerebus covers.

"I was coming here more as a decades-long Cerebus fan than as a publisher," Adams said in a statement. "Scott [Dunbier, special projects editor] was describing all the amazing cover material he's been scanning since Friday night and -- talking to Dave on the phone -- I said, 'I'm the CEO. Why does Scott get to have all the fun?" So I booked the same commuter flight Chicago-to-Kitchener that Scott had taken last week."

The stop in Kitchener concluded with a $30,000 advance to Sim in exchange for the five-year exclusive comic store rights to the collected High Society Audio Digital, which began serialization last night at CerebusDownloads.com. The hard copies will be released in 2013 and 2014.

"I just happened to have George Gatsis' audio-digital sample pages on my desktop while Ted and I were passing my MacBook back and forth, taking turns writing a press release. I said, 'Hey, you want to check this out?'" Sim said. "The next thing I knew Aardvark-Vanaheim was $30,000 richer."

Adams added, "I really think that, properly packaged, High Society Audio Digital could be a game-changer. I had seen the trailer at the Kickstarter site, but what George Gatsis has done takes it to a whole other level, a perfect marriage of comics and animation, and Dave Sim doing all of his character's voices! I said, 'IDW has to have this!' "

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