IDW to collect Tom Scioli's 'American Barbarian'

IDW Publishing will release a hardcover collection of American Barbarian, Tom Scioli's Jack Kirby-inspired post-apocalyptic adventure.

Debuting in 2010, the webcomic chronicles the saga of Meric, who sets off across New Earthea to seek revenge against Two-Tank Omen, a half-tank/half-mummy creature who murdered his family. Along the way, the young barbarian -- the last American -- faces all sorts of threats, ranging from the risen dead to mutant motorcycle gangs to robotic dinosaurs.

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“It’s a distillation of everything I love about the comic book medium and its history, especially the tawdry bits,” Scioli said in a statement. “I love trash and when you love trash, no matter where you go, you’ll always find friends. It’s an international language.”

Arriving in July, the 256-page American Barbarian: The Complete Series will include behind-the-scenes material and an introduction by Rob Liefeld.

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