IDW Teases "Danger Girl"/"G.I. Joe" Crossover

This afternoon IDW Publishing released the following tweet via their twitter account:

CROSSOVER OF THE CENTURY ALERT: DANGER GIRL and GI JOE are teaming up! Campbell! Hartnell! Royle! Barber! Dunbier!

They also released the first image from the upcoming "Danger Girl"/"G.I. Joe" crossover by "Danger Girl" co-creator J. Scott Campbell. Campbell's illustration features Abbie Chase in a Cobra outfit in front of assorted Joe's and the flaming visage of Cobra Commander.

After reaching out to IDW for confirmation, CBR News has learned that Andy Hartnell will write the crossover with John Royle on art and J. Scott Campbell on covers. "Joe" editor John Barber and "Danger Girl" editor Scott Dunbier will tackle editing duties.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more information on the crossover very soon.

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