IDW takes graphic novels digital

Single-issue comics have been the format of choice on the iPad and iPhone, but IDW is about to change all that: They announced this week that they will offer full-length graphic novels for the iPad. Each graphic novel will be a stand-alone app, priced between $5 and $10.

IDW has never been timid about digital comics, and they are jumping into digital graphic novels with a strong lineup of recent releases: Darwyn Cooke's Parker: The Outfit, which is making a lot of best-of-the-year lists, for just $9.99, and Cooke's earlier Parker: The Hunter for $7.99, as well as a Star Trek movie adaptation ($9.99), Vol. 1 of The Bloom County Library ($7.99), Tribes: The Dog Years ($7.99), and After the Fire ($4.99).

This is exactly what comics readers have been saying they want—recent releases priced lower than the print editions. IDW has chosen to release these comics as stand-alone apps, rather than through the IDW or Comics+ apps that carry their single-issue comics. That means iPad users who are not comics readers but are fans of Star Trek or the Parker prose novels have a shot at running across these in the iTunes store.

When IDW launched the Star Trek: Countdown iPhone comic, publisher and director Ted Adams commented, "We will sell as many iTunes apps [of Countdown] as we will of as the print version." That kind of thinking is clearly behind this move. The initial lineup has an appeal way beyond the traditional comics audience, and by presenting them as single apps, rather than walling them off inside a comics app, IDW has made it more likely that new readers will find them.

(Image taken from the Comics Alliance piece.)

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