IDW returns to Jack Bauer's world in 2005 with "24 Stories"

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA (October 29, 2005) Following this summer's successful 24: One Shot, IDW Publishing will return to the world of Jack Bauer and CTU in early 2005 with 24 Stories, the second one-shot based on the hit TV show.

24 Stories answers some of the questions that have been in the minds of fans of the popular Fox show since the start of the third season. In their second 24 tale, returning writers J. C. Vaughn and Mark Haynes tell a tale about Jack's early days undercover with the Salazar drug cartel. Chechen separatists have taken control of a high-rise in Los Angeles and Jack must find a way to take them down without blowing his hard-earned cover.

24 Stories follows the unique format of the first 24 one-shot, presenting a different hour of Jack's day with every two-page spread in the book. This ticking-clock method only adds to the story's tension, as Vaughn and Haynes present Jack and CTU with an ever-more-desperate and tense situation.

"Jack Bauer is one of the most compelling characters on television or in comics," said Mark L. Haynes. "This story highlights how the medium of comics is perfect for the continued exploration of Jack's universe, providing current fans and new readers alike with all the twists and turns they expect from 24."

Co-writer J.C. Vaughn added, "The first time out, we started with Jack's first day on the job at CTU. Now we've got him hip-deep in drug addiction and caught in the middle of an unrelated and very bad hostage situation, so it's just another average day at the office for Jack Bauer and company."

This time around, artist Manny Clark add his craftsman's touch to 24, offering a photo-realistic style that exudes action and emotion with every panel.

24 Stories is a full-color, 48-page trade one-shot on sale in January 2005.

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