IDW Releases First Details of "Drive" Adaptation

IDW Publishing first teased a "Drive" comic book adaptation via a teaser released this past weekend at WonderCon, and on Friday unveiled the first details of the series. It's a four-issue series set to debut this August, from the creative team of veteran IDW artist Antonio Fuso and writer (and IDW assistant editor) Michael Benedetto.

The comic book is an adaptation of the original LA crime noir novel by James Sallis, released in 2005. The novel inspired a popular and acclaimed film released in 2011, starring Ryan Gosling.

"The idea behind 'Drive,' the engine, was to write a contemporary equivalent of those muscular original paperbacks from publishers like Gold Medal -- something that will translate beautifully into graphic novels," Sallis is quoted in the announcement. "I've spoken of Nic Refn's film as a perfect storm, where everything, music, script, acting, came together miraculously. IDW's 'Drive' looks to be another perfect storm. This kind of loving development goes beyond adaptation; it's true re-creation."

"Drive" #1 is slated for release in August from IDW.

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