IDW Publishing Unleashes A Major New Novel Of Horror - 'The Slab!'

Official Press Release

[The Slab]San Diego, CA - In the extreme southeastern corner of California lies a strange stretch of desert scenery. It's near the shores of the Salton Sea, California's largest lake, created by accident and containing some very poisonous water, not to mention a very bizarre community: the Slab.

During the grim days after 9/11, a skull is found in a fire pit. This discovery leads sheriff's deputy Kenneth Butler into a strange and sinister new world. Butler, Penny Rice and Hal Shipp are each veterans of different wars, and each had their lives saved during those wars by magical intervention. That magic continues to weave in and out of their lives, leading them all to this place and time, where a band of serial killers stalks a new victim and an ancient evil grows under the Earth.

They've got to find a way to understand the terrible bond they all share; it may just be the only way to save themselves and those that they love.

"IDW Publishing has shown that they're not afraid to take chances, to try new things," writer Jeff Mariotte said. "Publishing the Cal McDonald novels of Steve Niles was a courageous move, but Cal's popularity just continues to grow, so it was obviously a wise one. I was delighted when they agreed to publish The Slab, and with a publishing line that includes Steve's Cal novels and modern classics of graphic fiction like 30 Days of Night, I think it helps to cement IDW's place in the horror community."

Jeff Mariotte is the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award nominated author of more than a dozen novels, including some set in the universes of Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, Charmed and Star Trek. Jeff is also noted for writing the hit comic book series Desperadoes and many more. Mariotte is a long-time owner of science fiction/mystery/horror specialty bookstore Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, California.

"Jeff has a special feel for the way ordinary people react when thrown into strange situations. He shows this with his deep characterization and realistic dialogue. It also helps that he comes from a retail background. Jeff knows what readers like and he gives it to them every time," commented IDW Publishing's VP of Sales and Marketing, Beau Smith

The Slab will contain several black and white illustrations by pop culture icon Tommy Lee Edwards, whose art for Harry Potter, Star Wars and Men In Black II have help set the standards for visual excitement in the film world. Edwards, the subject of IDW's art book Art of Tommy Lee Edwards, is also the cover painter for The Slab.

The Slab, on sale in September is a 288-page trade paperback, with a cover price of $16.99.

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