IDW Publishing to revive "GrimJack"

After years and years of attempts, we recently learned that John Ostradger and Timoth Truman's creation "GrimJack" would be making a come back after finally securing the rights to the character they created. Today, IDW Publishing announced that they'd be the new home of "GrimJack."

Current plans will see the collection of the long out-of-print series, originally published by First Comics, as well as an all new six-issue "GrimJack" series. The full press release is printed below.

Official Press Release

IDW Publishing to Bring Back GrimJack

1980's Classic Adventurer Is Back In Action

San Diego, CA, June 2, 2004-GrimJack, one of the most popular comic book characters of the 1980s, is back with a vengeance. Early next year, IDW Publishing will start an aggressive publishing plan that will include collected editions of the classic stories originally published by First Comics, as well as an all-new comic series by creators John Ostrander and Timothy Truman.

The first action packed album will collect the Ostrander/Truman backup stories from Starslayer, along with the book-length GrimJack/Starslayer crossover. Also in this first trade paperback will be a brand new eight-page adventure by Ostrander and Truman, featuring popular GrimJack characters who were introduced later in the monthly series.

IDW Publishing, in conjunction with Arrogant/MGMS, will also present a brand new six-issue GrimJack series by four members of the original GrimJack team: writer John Ostrander, artist Timothy Truman, letterer John Workman and editor Mike Gold.

"We're excited to join the ranks of so many of our old friends like Max Collins, Beau Smith, Scott Hampton and Kieron Dwyer. We're really proud to have our work published alongside the talented folks who work with Ted Adams and his crew at IDW Publishing," said Mike Gold of Arrogant/MGMS.

Artist Timothy Truman has painted a brand new cover especially for this trade paperback.

"When I first started reading comics," IDW's Publisher Ted Adams said, "GrimJack (and the entire First Comics line) was always one of my favorites. I'm thrilled that Mike, John, and Tim have chosen IDW as GrimJack's new home."

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