IDW Publishing to release comic based on TV show "24"

[24]Fox Television's "24" is known for its unique format where each episode of the series equates one hour worth of story, with a full season detailing the events of a terrorist threat played out in a single day. Focusing on the Los Angeles branch of the Counter Terrorism Unit, "24" is filled with high action and suspense. The show stars Kiefer Sutherland as CTU agent Jack Bauer, a character that's been dubbed by many fans as the "manliest man alive" due to the sheer number of times he's escaped imminent death. This July, Jack Bauer gets his chance to prove his worth on the printed page.

"24: One Shot" is a 48-page, full color, squarebound graphic novella coming from IDW Publishing this July. In keeping with tradition, the comic itself will keep to the unique time format, where two pages of printed story will equal one hour of time. "24: One Shot" is written by J.C. Vaughn and Mark L. Haynes of "Battlestar Galactica" fame with art by "CSI: Miami" artist Renato Guedes.

"24" joins a number of other high-profile licensed properties at IDW, including television programs "The Shield" and "CSI" and the film "Underworld."

In "24: One Shot," CTU agent Jack Bauer has to protect a beautiful and deadly terrorist for twenty-four hours, but after an attack by her former friends, he has only one bullet left in his gun. Will Jack save the day? Viewers of the television show know that with "24," no one is ever safe.

"We at IDW are big fans of the series 24," Editor-in-Chief Jeff Mariotte said in a press release. "We had some difficulty at first trying to figure out how the ticking clock element, so crucial to the show, would work on the printed page. But J.C. Vaughn and Mark Haynes had some ideas, and they convinced us that it could work. We teamed them up with Renato Guedes, who does some of the best actor likenesses ever, and we think the book will be every bit as entertaining as the TV series."

The book goes on sale this July with a retail price of $6.99. Promotion includes an excerpt in a Free Comic Book Day Release and major national publicity, according to the publisher.

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