IDW Publishing Presents Eric Red's Masterwork "Containment"

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA (October 27, 2004) How can you beat zombies in space? How can you top having Eric Red, screenwriter on the horrifying vampire movie Near Dark, creating a comic book where astronauts are millions of miles away in outer space, trying to fight off flesh-eating zombies?

You can't, so you just sit back and enjoy every creepy moment of it. Eric Red's Containment is a five-issue miniseries that will join Red, whose past film credits also include The Hitcher and Blue Steel, with noted artist Nick Stakal (Hyde) in a tale that will leave you breathless.

On a manned NASA space ship millions of miles from Earth, a terrifying malfunction occurs in the cryogenic hypersleep pods containing the hibernating astronauts, turning most of the crew into the violently brain-dead. As the handful of surviving astronauts awaken intact from their artificial slumber, they find they must contend with not only murderous zombies but also their own hidden agendas and increasing feelings of isolation and distrust.

"If there's one thing Eric has done well in his movies, it's to ratchet up the tension his characters face. And things don't get much more tense than being trapped on a spaceship with zombies on board," said IDW Publishing's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. "Nick really helps communicate every bit of the horror and isolation the astronauts face through his moody, expressive art."

Eric Red's Containment is a full-color, 32-page, five-issue miniseries beginning in January 2005.

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