IDW Publishing Opens Up The Art World Of Tommy Lee Edwards

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(May 29, San Diego, CA) Tommy Lee Edwards is kind of like one of the great movie character actors... you've seen them in so many movies you can't name them all. You've seen Tommy's work on such high profile projects as The Matrix, Star Wars, Men in Black II, and other huge entertainment properties, as well as his work for virtually every major comic book publisher. But unless you're a die-hard fan, you probably didn't know the full range of Tommy's incredible talent. Now IDW Publishing will showcase the many varieties of his artwork in Art of Tommy Lee Edwards.

This August, IDW Publishing releases a full-color collection of Tommy Lee Edwards' art from comics and other projects, spanning a wide variety of genres and media. A true artists' artist, Edwards has won acclaim from his peers as well as from fandom. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola says, "Tommy's work is amazing to me. So many of us beat our work to death and display it nailed to a board. Not him. For all his beautiful drawing and flawless design his work is, first and foremost, captured alive." Edwards has been a multi-threat creator for years, and this art book will showcase all those talents. The book includes an introduction by living legend Howard Chaykin.

"Star Wars fans know my RPG covers and children's books, Harry Potter fans know the work I've done for the first film, comics fans know that stuff, etc.," says Edwards. "This art book will bridge the gap as a fun collection for everyone. I get a ton of requests for prints-especially of the Star Wars work. Now people can have 96 pages of really nice reproductions for only twenty bucks. Not only are many well-known images printed, readers will also be able to see my sketches and preliminary thoughts that went into creating the compositions."

Art of Tommy Lee Edwards will appeal to art fans of all ages and of all walks of life. Everything that is popular in pop culture is here. This book has great mass market appeal that will draw in even non-traditional comic book buyers.

According to IDW Editor-in-Chief Jeff Mariotte, "I've worked with Tommy Lee Edwards on a variety of projects in the past, and even I was surprised at his astonishing range. Most people have only the most glancing familiarity with his whole body of work, and we at IDW have every intention of changing that. This is truly an artist whose work should be seen by everyone."

Art of Tommy Lee Edwards is a 96 page, full color trade paperback with a cover price of $19.99.

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