IDW Publishing Mixes It Up With Mixtionary

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA —We live in interesting times, and we're desperately searching for more interesting words with which to express ourselves in this crazy mixed up world of ours! Well, search no more, because this October, IDW presents... MIXTIONARY!

MIXTIONARY is a new 104-page illustrated hardcover volume of words and pictures that define and illustrate dozens of new words created

out of mixed-up old standard words you might find anywhere around the house! Before you know it, you'll be peppering MIXTIONARY words into everyday conversations! (Heck, as MIXTIONARY words become more popular, we might just start retiring some of those classics littered

throughout that archaic dictionary on your desk!)

MIXTIONARY sums up the strange convolutions of modern life in single words, puns, and phrases by blending words to create new words. It

offers a humorous take on the plight of the modern person trying to negotiate their way through complexities of business, relationships, sex, psychology, and more.

Sure, you can continue to scramble for the right way to explain that “this is, um, my friend with benefits, or you could just introduce him as your BENEFRIEND! You can stammer about trying to explain that I might get a little cranky and irritable if I don't eat, or you can simply explain you suffer from FOODSWINGS! If you want, you can struggle to detail that e-mail in your mail box got from your ex was accidentally e-mailed to everyone in your office... but wouldn't it be much easier just to say you'd been E-MAULED and leave it at that?!

Created by Mia Christou, John Nee, and longtime UNCANNY X-MEN writer, Scott Lobdell—and illustrated by long lived comic book artist Shawn McManus and designed by Rian Hughes—insures you'll never be at a lexical loss again!

Mixtionary (Diamond Order Code AUG06 3388) is a 104-page, 6” x 6” hardcover featuring illustrations by Shawn McManus, and debuts in

October 2006.

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