IDW Publishing Joins Konami For 'Silent Hill' Comic Book

Official Press Release

[Silent Hill]San Diego, CA, July 15, 2003. IDW Publishing has joined with Konami, one of the biggest international video game companies, to bring all the psychological horror of the hit video game Silent Hill to the pages of comic books. All the complex story lines and grotesque monsters will be amplified to take the feeling of the video game to an even more frightening level.

Konami and IDW Publishing will work together closely to insure that the Silent Hill comics will maintain the same air of anything-can-happen suspense and outright terror that have made the games so popular.

"When the first two Silent Hill games were released, I played them straight through without stopping, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the third game in the series. I think the world of Silent Hill is a natural for comics and I'm very happy that IDW Publishing is going to get chance to work with Konami on developing them," said Ted Adams, Publisher of IDW Publishing. "We very carefully choose the companies we want to work with and Konami has been on our short list since day one."

Kaz Nirasawa, International Product Manager for the Konami Corporation, added, "Konami is very excited and pleased to have IDW develop a Silent Hill comic."

Accumulated sales for the Silent Hill video game series have been marked at 3,000,000 units worldwide, making it one of the bestselling games on the market.

Silent Hill has always been a groundbreaking venue for horror and adventure. The deep, psychologically terrifying slant of the video game sets it apart from the shooter or slasher genres. IDW Publishing has a reputation for doing the same in the field of comic books. This alliance should prove to be great for both video game and comic fans.

IDW plans to begin publishing Silent Hill comics at the end of 2003 and early 2004, in various formats.

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