IDW Publishing Hires New Editorial Assistant

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA (July 14, 2006)-IDW Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of the newest member to the IDW team. Justin Eisinger has come onboard as the new Editorial Assistant and Website Manager. Justin will serve as the Creative Service Liaison as well as assisting with editorial direction and production of printed materials. He will also be updating and creating website content for the IDW website (www.idwpublishing.com).

Justin Eisinger originally became involved with publishing through his involvement with Daily Bread Rollerblading Magazine as a contributing writer in 1999. His interest in the business led to writing news for a weekly in Greensboro, NC before moving to San Diego in 2003 to assume the responsibilities of Editor for Daily Bread.

"After meeting with Ted Adams and Chris Ryall, I could tell IDW was a company that truly respects creativity and individuality," says Eisinger. "It's evident just from glancing at the materials they publish. The work atmosphere is bristling with energy too, the kind you find when each person is dedicated to their craft and striving to reach the next level of excellence. Looking forward, I can only imagine great things."

"It was two years ago this week that I got my baptism by fire by joining IDW the week of Comic-Con, and now it's Justin's turn," said IDW's Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. "It's great to have Justin on board to help run the Web site and help on editorial-he's got varied, interesting work experience and some great ideas about how to help push us forward."


IDW PUBLISHING is a division of Idea and Design Works, LLC, a revolutionary creative service company with a wide range of clients. Among their best-selling titles are Hasbro's THE TRANSFORMERS; Fox's ANGEL, Konami's METAL GEAR SOLID, and FALLEN ANGEL. IDW has films in development at Sony Pictures, Dimension Films, and Paramount Pictures.

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