IDW Publishing gets into 'Guns, drugs, and monsters'

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[Guns, Drugs and Monsters]Guns, Drugs, and Monsters is 200 pages of hip, hard boiled monster-hunting with everyone's favorite creepy crime solver, Cal McDonald. In a sequel to Steve Niles hit novel, Savage Membrane, readers will find themselves back in action with the hard-drinking -- and harder hitting -- private eye.

Guns, Drugs and Monsters is a hyperactive mystery with a slant of darkhumor and horror. Written by Steve Niles, the creator of the comicseries 30 Days Of Night, Guns, Drugs and Monsters is Cal's biggestadventure to date.

Niles said, "Guns, Drugs, and Monsters was so much fun to write I almost didn't want to stop. I hope readers feel the same way because I'm ready to go on the next adventure!"

Ashley Wood is along again for the arcane ride, providing a paintedcover as well as chapter illustrations.

"I'm proud that IDW is the home for Steve's 'Cal' novels. I always say that we only publish books that we'd want to read and this one proves my point. As soon as Steve turned in the first draft of the manuscript I couldn't wait to take it home. His fans won't be disappointed," said Ted Adams, Publisher of IDW Publishing.

Guns, Drugs, and Monsters will be published by IDW Publishing in October 2002. It's 200 black-and-white pages and retails for $15.99.

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