IDW Announces Expansion to Black Crown Imprint

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Shelly Bond’s IDW Publishing imprint Black Crown has added two new titles to the imprint’s multi-month launch window, as well as a quarterly magazine that will cover comics and culture. The first title planned for the imprint, Kid Lobotomy by Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler, was announced back in March at WonderCon Anaheim and is scheduled for an October debut. That title will now be joined by Assassinistas and Punks Not Dead in the following months.

Assassinsitas debuts in December and will be written by The Skeptics author Tini Howard, with art by Gilbert Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame. The series will run for six issues and follow Octavia, a former hitwoman who comes out of retirement for one last job to pay her son’s college tuition. She’ll also be on the lookout for one of her former hitman colleague’s kidnapped children. But no one eats for free in the high stakes world of international assassinations, so Octavia’s son, Dominic, and his boyfriend, Taylor, are along for the ride.

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Punks Not Dead brings together Calling Major Tom novelist David Barnett with Death Sentence artist Martin Simmonds for a January release. Punks Not Dead follows loner Fergie on an unexpected quest to find the father he never knew. Of course, Fergie’s journey won’t be without its travails. An odd branch of the United Kingdom’s spy organization, MI5, has started tracking Fergie, leaving the teenager to confide in his only companion, the ghost of Sex Pistols vocalist Sid Vicious.

The Black Crown Quarterly will release just after Kid Lobotomy and will consist of 48 pages covering comics and culture. The quarterly will also include a wraparound cover and a 10-page story penned by The Motherless Oven creator Rob Davis.

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