IDW Presents "Chiaroscuro," "The Claws Come Out," and "Lifelike"

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THE ART OF ANGST Troy Little’s Critically-Acclaimed CHIAROSCURO to be Collected by IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing, long known for its popular horror and licensed comics such as 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and THE TRANSFORMERS, has been cutting new and exciting publishing trails recently with the release of such comics classics as THE COMPLETE CHESTER GOULD’S DICK TRACY, and the upcoming THE COMPLETE TERRY AND THE PIRATES and THE COMPLETE LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE in beautiful hardcover editions. This grand new tradition expands into new territory in October, as IDW Publishing begins a line of more personal, independent stories with the release of CHIAROSCURO.

CHIAROSCURO, written and illustrated by Troy Little, is the story of Steven Patch, an unemployed artist with a single blank canvas. Steven is busy living the introspective, angst-ridden life of your average twenty-something; drinking too much and complaining about his situation while doing little to improve it. A case of mistaken identity pushes Steven into a flow of events that brings him places he’d never imagined and forces him to make a choice between art and mere existence.

Highly praised by Dave Sim, Steven Grant, Tony Millionaire, and many others, CHIAROSCURO won a Xeric Grant in 2000, as well as a 2005 PEI Council of the Arts Grant.

Back in '99 I got really tired of working within the restrictions of TV animation and decided to pursue my ideas in the medium of comics instead,” says Little. “It was something I've always wanted to do and I found it very liberating. I had just discovered the alternative comic scene and was just floored! These maverick artist/ writers like Dave Sim, Jeff Smith, Sam Kieth, Will Eisner and Terry Moore (to name but a few) appealed to me on all levels. That's what I wanted to be a part of… It took six years of my spare time to complete the first book and I'm very pleased by the reaction it gets from everyone who's read it. It really shows me that I've found my home in comics.

CHIARSCURO will be released in October in a deluxe hardcover format and contains 234 b&w pages. It will retail for $24.99.

ALL MONSTERS, BEWARE!THE CLAWS COME OUT at IDW Publishing in November 2007

San Diego, CA — Since its inception, IDW Publishing has always strived to give comics readers the horrific and terrifying. From the bloodthirsty (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), to the brain hungry (ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS), and every spooky element in between, IDW has been the premiere publisher of graphic horror tales for years. Now, continuing in this grand and scary tradition—but with a hilarious twist—IDW Publishing is proud to announce its newest horror anthology, THE CLAWS COME OUT from acclaimed indie cartoonist Pat Lewis.

To be released in exquisite hardcover format, THE CLAWS COME OUT is a diverse collection of comical monster stories: an apathetic scientist works late defrosting the Abominable Snowman; a naïve blood donor dates a rageaholic vampire; a two-bit fortuneteller inadvertently sparks a zombie epidemic. Martians, werewolves, serial killers and B- movie monsters square off against a variety of tough women in this slam-bang collection. And it’s all played for laughs.

Creator Pat Lewis has won multiple awards for his past work, including: 2004 Ignatz Award Nominee (Outstanding Minicomic,“Thankless Job”), 2004 Howard E. Day Prize Nominee (“Obsessive Crush”), 2006 Howard E. Day Prize Nominee (“One Horse Town”), and the 2006 Howard E. Day Prize Nominee (“Abominable”).

“This is a great time to be making comics,” Lewis said. “I couldn’t be happier that IDW chose to publish my work.”

THE CLAWS COME OUT will be released in November 2007 in a deluxe hardcover format and will contain 152 black and white pages. It will retail for $19.99.

ONE WORLD… MANY STORIES IDW Publishing collects Dara Naraghi’s diverse visions of life in abeautiful hardcover edition

San Diego, CA — Following in the footsteps of their beautiful hardcover editions of THE COMPLETE CHESTER GOULD’S DICK TRACY, as well as the upcoming THE COMPLETE TERRY AND THE PIRATES, THE COMPLETE LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE and CHIAROSCURO, IDW Publishing proudly announces the latest in their new line of independent and personal hardcover collections—Dara Naraghi’s LIFELIKE.

LIFELIKE is a diverse collection of slice-of-life stories… and beyond. Each vignette presents a glimpse into a different corner of the world outside our window. From the sentimental to the shocking, the familiar to the unknown, it’s all here. Written by Dara Naraghi, the anthology includes the work of talented artists Irapuan Luiz, Shom Bhuiya, Marvin Mann, Neil Errar, Jason Scott Jones, Jerry Lange, Tom Williams, Steven Spenser Ledford, Adrian Barbu, Steve Black, Andy Bennet, and Tim McClurg.

“There are so many different visual styles here,” says Nebula and Locus award winning novelist Cory Doctorow, “and Naraghi is such a versatile storyteller, that they barely seem to be part of the same series, but there’s something that links them together, a great storyteller’s sensibility. From hard-boiled noir crime to war memoirs to sweet, sentimental stories, LIFELIKE has the feel of a great comics anthology, like DRAWN AND QUARTERLY or WORLD WAR III.”

LIFELIKE will be released in December 2007 in a deluxe hardcover format and contains 108 full color pages. It will retail for $19.99.


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