IDW offers Steve Niles' 'Dial M for Monster'

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[Dial M for Monster](June 5, San Diego, CA) This August, as summer winds down and the horror heats up, the bookshelves will harbor a trade paperback of terror tales that promise to curdle milk.

IDW Publishing will release Steve Niles's Dial M For Monster: A Collection of Cal McDonald Mystery Stories. It's 200 pages of hard-boiled horror as private eye Cal McDonald continues his never-ending quest to hunt down demons, freaks and monsters and put them in their place... and maybe even get paid for it.

The hard-ingesting, harder punching Cal is seen in various tales of terror and weirdness with creator Steve Niles laying down the textual road map. In addition to a cover by master craftsman Tim Bradstreet, a variety of top artists contribute illustrations, including Richard Sala, Ben Templesmith, Breehn Burns, and Josh Medors.

Niles is best known for his super hit 30 Days of Night and its sequel, Dark Days. Fans of thillers and blood spillers will once again be delighted by Niles's dark imagination and creativity.

"I think fans will be pleasantly horrified by these stories," Niles says. "The tales range from straightforward horror to outright silliness... with a lot of blood, drugs and violence, of course. I wish I could control Cal, but I can't."

The adventures of Cal McDonald have also been featured in the Steve Niles novels Savage Membrane and Guns, Drugs and Monsters and the graphic novel Hairball, all published by IDW Publishing, and the miniseries Criminal Macabre from Dark Horse.

"Steve Niles doesn't so much write Cal McDonald stories," says Jeff Mariotte, IDW's Editor-in-Chief, "as he channels them from whatever hell Cal is living in at any given time. Either that, or Steve's brilliantly inventive and seriously twisted… or both!"

Dial M for Monster is a 200-page trade paperback featuring black and white illustrations, with a cover price of $16.99.

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