IDW moves to comiXology, goes same-day print and digital

This seems quaint now, but it was big news in March 2009 when IDW Publishing made its Star Trek prequel comics available digitally on the iPhone/iPod Touch (the iPad hadn't been invented yet, kids), and released the fourth issue the same day in print and digital. IDW's partner in that endeavor was iVerse, and while the publisher's digital strategy evolved over the next few years, iVerse remained as the provider for its branded iPad app... until this week, when IDW announced it has switched the provider of the branded IDW app to comiXology.

It's big news, but in an insider-baseball sort of way. Readers who are already riding on the digital comics bandwagon won't notice a difference. IDW started putting its comics on the comiXology digital comics service a few months ago, and when I checked iVerse's Comics + app this morning, the IDW comics hadn't disappeared. That isn't surprising: IDW has spread its nets wide, putting comics on everything from the Kindle to the manga site eManga. So the headline on the press release is really just a change in the back end. What is really significant is that comiXology now has nearly a complete collection, providing digital distribution and branded apps for almost every major publisher except Dark Horse (which has its own app) and Archie (which puts their comics on comiXology's Comics app but has iVerse run their branded app).

IDW also announced that it will be releasing all of its comics simultaneously in digital and print, with the digital cover price the same as print. That is consistent with the general trend and, in general, same-day digital publication is a good idea (given that it is happening illegally anyway, so the publishers might as well get in on the game). Pricing digital the same as print ignores the general perception that digital comics are worth less than print editions. I'm not sure ignoring that perception is a good idea, but it's early days yet, and it will be interesting to see what the prevailing model is a year from now.

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