IDW's Marilyn Manor Canceled, Black Crown Imprint Seemingly Ending

IDW Publishing has canceled Marilyn Manor after one issue. Issues #2-4 will not be released by the publisher, nor will the planned collected edition.

From the creative team of writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Marley Zarcone, Marilyn Manor #1 was published on June 26 by Black Crown, IDW's creator-owned comics imprint helmed by former Vertigo Comics editor and vice president Shelly Bond. The comic follows Marilyn Manor, the spoiled daughter of the United States president who inadvertently unearths long-dead historical figures and government secrets.

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"We deeply appreciate all the hard work that Magdalene Visaggio, Marley Zarcone, Irma Kniivila, Tamra Bonvillain and Shelly Bond dedicated to Marilyn Manor, and the enthusiasm and support from the fans," IDW said in a statement (per Newsarama). "Unfortunately, with heavy hearts, we are cancelling this project. We hope to have the opportunity to work with these talented creators on future projects."

Furthermore, it appears Black Crown imprint as a whole has come to an end, with reports of its dissolution circulating over the last few days. At this time, it does not appear IDW or Bond have issued an official, public statement regarding this development. However, both Bond and the official Black Crown Twitter page have acknowledged tweets lamenting the imprint's end, mainly expressing gratitude to those saddened by the news. Reports of Black Crown shutting down have also been corroborated by David M. Barnett, one of the imprint's writers

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Written by Magdalene Visaggio and illustrated by Marley Zarcone, Marilyn Manor #1 is currently available digitally and in print from IDW Publishing.

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