IDW Kicks Off New Monthly Disney Line in April with "Uncle Scrooge" #1

Among the titles listed in IDW Publishing's solicitations for April 2015 was a familiar face, albeit one not many people would have expected to find at the top of the award-winning publisher's list.

"Uncle Scrooge" #1 will start a new era of monthly Walt Disney character-helmed comics since BOOM! Studios released its last Disney-licensed books in late 2011, following the purchase of Marvel Comics by Disney. While Marvel has been releasing miniseries such as "Figment" and "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad," based on a variety of Disney theme park rides and attractions under the Disney Kingdoms label, the publisher never made the foray into the realm populated by Donald, Mickey and the rest of Walt Disney's creations.

In the months to follow, Scrooge McDuck will be joined by Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and more, as IDW expands its latest licensed line. Each series will present classic reprints along with new tales.

"Uncle Scrooge" debuts in April with a 48-page first issue. "Donald Duck" #1 arrives in May, "Mickey Mouse" kicks off in June and "Walt Disney Comics and Stories" returns in September, picking up its numbering where the previous incarnation left off with #723.

Throughout 2015, each month's releases will feature a special themed variant, based on a different section of the Disney theme parks including Adventureland, Frontierland, Epcot and more.

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