IDW Debuts First Look at J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek Into Darkness" Klingons

Last year, rumors began of Klingons appearing in J.J. Abrams' upcoming film "Star Trek Into Darkness," which continues the adventures of crew of the Enterprise introduced in 2009's "Star Trek." The alien race appeared in a deleted scene from Abrams' first "Star Trek" movie and the director teased their appearance in "Star Trek Into Darkness" during a skit for the MTV Movie Awards last year. TrekNews even reported last year that Klingons were actually confirmed to appear in the film, but Abrams and crew continued to stay tight-lipped on the subject.

While it's not a full confirmation that Klingons will appear in "Star Trek Into Darkness," IDW Publishing's recently-debuted cover for "Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness" #4 (the final issue of the miniseries) makes a very strong case for the appearance, featuring the best look fans have seen yet of Abrams' take on the warrior race. "Countdown To Darkness" is the official prequel comic for "Star Trek Into Darkness" written by Mike Johnson with a story by Roberto Orci and art by David Messina. The fourth and final issue hits stands the month before the film's May release.

Check out the cover for "Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness" #4 below.

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