IDW Collects "Sword of Dracula"

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San Diego, CA (December 1, 2004) Dracula has been around for hundreds of years. You've seen him in just about every type of story and situation… until now.

It's Dracula with bigger powers, bigger weapons and bigger danger. Think Black Hawk Dracula! This trade paperback collects all six issues of "Season 1" of Sword of Dracula, in which readers first meet Ronnie Van Helsing, the commando who must use every Humvee, chopper, motorcycle, and machine gun at her command to capture Dracula, the most dangerous man on Earth. And then she has to enlist his aid in fighting an even greater horror.

"Ronnie has been the most surprising part of Sword of Dracula's success," said creator Jason Henderson. "We expected people to be pleased by a fresh, hard-target Dracula, but it's been our lead, Ronnie, that people write to me about and draw pinups of. This is as much her story as Dracula's."

Sword of Dracula is wall-to-wall vampire/commando/zombie action. Season 1's success propelled the series into mainstream media, with exposure from CNN, Variety, the Boston Globe and the SciFi Channel. This special "writer's cut" collection is full of extras, too, including a six-page "Issue 0" and a 15-page "Sword of Dracula Scrapbook," featuring commentary, artist discussion, concept art and pinups. The entire collection is contained within a brand-new, incredible wraparound cover from Eisner Award-winning artist Tony Harris.

Creators Henderson, Greg Scott, William Belk, and Tony Pallot join forces to make this the most thrilling Dracula tale ever presented in comics.

"Cinescape called Sword of Dracula 'one of the coolest reinterpretations of Bram Stoker's character in years,' and I couldn't agree more," said IDW Publishing's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. "And Jason's assembled such a great array of extras for this trade that even fans who've read the entire miniseries are in for a special treat. And then there's that Tony Harris wraparound cover to stare at for hours on end…"

Sword of Dracula is a black & white, 156-page trade paperback on sale in February 2005.

IDW PUBLISHING is a division of Idea + Design Works, LLC, a revolutionary creative service company with a wide range of clients including The Upper Deck Company, Electronic Arts, Ultima Online, WizKids, Cartoon Network, Sony Online Entertainment, Nickelodeon, and many more. IDW Publishing focuses on a small number of high-quality titles. Among them are CBS's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith's 30 Days of Night and its sequels, Dark Days and Return to Barrow; Ashley Wood's Lore; CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations; Beau Smith's Wynonna Earp; and Steve Niles' Wake The Dead. Columbia Pictures has optioned the movie rights to 30 Days of Night, with Sam Raimi attached to produce. Konami is producing a video game based on CVO: Covert Vampiric Operations. Dimension Films has optioned the movie rights to Wake The Dead and Hyde. Paramount Pictures has optioned the movie rights to Aleister Arcane.

Creator Henderson is also the creator of the ghost-hunter series Soulcatcher and co-creator with Greg Scott of the "romantic magic comedy" series Sylvia Faust, colored by Leslie Barkley. Henderson has published five novels and screenwritten for numerous computer games, including most recently Deus Ex 2. The comic's Web site is at http://www.swordofdracula.com/, where readers can search for local retailers or order copies online.

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