IDW brings home horrors of war in Joe Hill's 'Thumbprint'

Author Joe Hill and writer Jason Ciaramella, who collaborated on the Eisner-nominated miniseries The Cape, are reteaming for Joe Hill's Thumbprint, debuting in June from IDW Publishing.

Featuring art by Vic Malhotra, the three-issue adaptation of Hill's original novella is described as "a tale of fear, terror and indelible remorse" about U.S. Army Pvt. Mallory Grennan who, following a dishonorable discharge, hopes to begin a new life back home, away from what she's seen and done in Abu Ghraib prison. However, Mal's crimes follow her all the way back to the United States.

"I was blown away by Jason's work on The Cape, and wanted more," Hill said in a statement. "Thumbprint is right in his wheelhouse: Jay has a feel for the psychological flaws that lead a basically good person down the wrong path. And no one writes action quite like Jay -- he turns brutality into surreal comedy and back again faster than a magician turning a scarf into a dove. Add to that an opportunity to work with an artist like Vic Malhotra -- who draws with a severe grace, and brings to mind the work Mazzucchelli was doing in Batman: Year One -- and I think we've got all the ingredients for something that can really explode off the page."

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