IDW's Black Crown Imprint Expands With Eve Stranger

IDW Publishing is expanding its Black Crown imprint with a new five-issue miniseries, Eve Stranger.

IDW unveiled the Black Crown imprint as an independent branch of its publishing line, allowing it to release more experimental creator-owned comics. The imprint has already seen a number of strong comics, and now, two veterans of the line are coming together to produce a new story.

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Eve Stranger centers around an amnesic gun-for-hire with a massive host of skills. Stuck with nanobombs in her bloodstream and no memory of who she is, Eve is hired out to the highest bidder and forced to go on massive missions that no one else would even consider trying to take on. (Think Salt meets The A-Team.) Written by David Barnett (Punks Not Dead) with art by Phillip Bond (Kill Your Boyfriend), the miniseries will run for five issues.

Bond described Eve as "an amnesiac-for-hire, the ultimate in discretion. For the right price she can be your babysitter or personal shopper, your scuba treasure hunter or space station saboteur.” Meanwhile, IDW editor Shelly Bond described the series as full of "exotic locales, high-octane thrills, doomed romance, and jetpacks... It’s a smart, spectacular action/adventure series for the jet set.”

Eve Stranger is scheduled to be released sometime in April 2019.

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