IDW announces 'Mage Knight' comic

Official Press Release

[Mage Knight]SEATTLE, WA - July 24, 2002 - WizKids is proud to announce the releaseof the first Mage Knight comic book series, produced in cooperation withSan Diego based comic book publisher IDW Publishing. Premiering inOctober, Mage Knight: Stolen Destiny brings the world of Mage Knightalive in an exciting five-issue comic book miniseries. The seriesfeatures cover art by J. Scott Campbell and Alex Garner-reunited for thefirst time since Danger Girl-and interior art by hot new artist DavidCabrera. The story was written by Todd Dezago, based on a plot by MageKnight creator Jordan Weisman. In addition, every copy of Mage Knight:Stolen Destiny #1 includes a coupon that can be redeemed for anexclusive, limited edition Mage Knight figure of a character in thecomic, Maren'Kar.

"I am jazzed about this project," said Jordan Weisman, WizKids founderand CEO. "The development and presentation of the Mage Knight universeto our fans has been one of our goals from the start, and this comicbook goes a long way towards doing that. The tale began in the firstMage Knight mini-comic that was included with the Mage Knight: RebellionStarter. It continued in the pages of Scrye magazine and the secondmini-comic included in the Mage Knight: Unlimited Starter. Thestoryline will be further expanded and more fully developed in thisseries."

"We've had a long relationship with WizKids. Having produced the priorcomic books that were included in Mage Knight Starters, we have a greatgrasp on the universe," said Ted Adams, Publisher, IDW Publishing."Anybody who has read Tellos knows that Todd Dezago tells a greatfantasy story with well developed characters. Having worked closelywith Jordan on this project, Mage Knight fans will be absolutely blownaway, as will fans of fantasy comics in general."

The Mage Knight: Stolen Destiny comic book, which retails at $3.50, willbe available at game and comic book stores. The first issue in thefive-issue limited series will be on store shelves in October.

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