IDW and Steve Niles Announce New Horror Miniseries: 'Wake The Dead'

Official Press Release

[Wake The Dead]San Diego, CA (June 25, 2003) Steve Niles is proving to be a prolific fountain of blood and fear. He is being called the modern master of comic book horror. This September, IDW Publishing, along with Steve Niles and artist Milx, will debut one of the most twisted pieces of horror storytelling ever: Wake The Dead.

Wake The Dead is just what happens when Victor discovers a way to reverse the death process. Doing so he starts a whole new way of living that can only be described as "death defying."

"Basically Wake The Dead is a re-telling of ALL the Frankenstein stories I've ever read, or watched. It's like a story created out of the bits and pieces of other stories, so in a way, Wake The Dead is a Frankenstein monster all its own," says Niles. "I wanted to capture the essence of the original book as far as the youth of the characters and the price paid for playing God, but I think we've still managed to create an original and really freaky story."

"Milx is a rare find, a skilled craftsman who brings it all to every page with meticulous detail and care," said Jeff Mariotte, IDW's Editor-in-Chief. "From the interior of a house to the process of reviving a dead pig, he puts you on the spot and makes you believe it. Combine that talent with a script by Steve Niles, and you know you're in for a terrifying treat."

Wake The Dead is a five-part monthly miniseries, premiering in September, at a retail price of $3.99.

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