Idris Elba Succinctly Weighs In On Whether He'll Play James Bond

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For the past few weeks, it was looking more and more likely that British actor Idris Elba would be cast as the next 007. It's already been confirmed that the next film in the franchise, James Bond 25, will feature Daniel Craig's last go as the super-spy, after playing the character in five films spanning nearly 13 years. Naturally, speculation has been running amok as to which actor will replace Craig, and Elba has long been a fan-favorite to put on the black tuxedo.

The rumors intensified recently when a report surfaced, claiming that Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli had mentioned that the studio was looking to cast the first black actor to portray 007 and that Elba was at the top of their list. The plot thickened when Elba himself joined in on the fun, sending out cryptic tweets that, through a certain lens, could be construed as the actor teasing his involvement with the franchise.

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However, it now appears like we have a definitive answer: Idris Elba will not be playing James Bond. During the Tuesday night premiere of the actor's directorial debut Yardie, Elba was asked by a reporter if he was going to be the next 007. As he walked away, he only answered with a brief, and maybe even slightly annoyed, "No."

Now, of course, most are taking the actor's answer at face value. It is, after all, an official, definitive answer. However, we can't help but notice the way the actor quickly shut down the interviewer. Could it be that Elba is putting the flames out a little bit, until after an official announcement has been made? It's possible that the actor has been told to quell talks of him taking on the role until after James Bond 25 comes around, which is still more than a year away.

Check out the brief interview here:

This news comes on the heels of another big disappointment in the James Bond franchise. Just yesterday, it was announced that Danny Boyle had stepped away from the director's chair of James Bond 25 following creative differences.

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While there is no longer a director attached to the project, the next James Bond film is still slated to be released Oct. 25, 2019, in the United Kingdom, and Nov. 8, 2019, in the United States. If the studio wishes to honor that release date, then a replacement should be announced shortly.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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