Idris Elba Feels 'Too Old' to play James Bond, Refutes Rumors Despite 'Will of the Nation'

Idris Elba hears the many fans who are hoping he takes the reins and becomes the next actor to play James Bond, but the Brit doesn't feel up to the part, and says he has had no contact with Sony about taking it over following Daniel Craig's four turns. And besides, he feels his suave, secret agent years are behind him.

Speaking with Good Morning America in promotion of "Star Trek Beyond," in which he plays the villainous alien Krall,  the 43 year-old Elba told host Michael Strahan he feels he has aged past the role, saying, "I think I'm too old for that, man -- running around in cars, and ladies and martinis."

"Who wants that?" he joked. "Sounds terrible."

Elba isn't the only Asgardian to be attached to the 007 part, though, with fellow "Thor" and "Thor: The Dark World" actor Tom Hiddleston also frequently cropping up as a potential front-runner. Hiddleston is 35, and previous actors to play Bond have generally been around 40.

Still, Elba acknowledges that the fervor attaching him to the storied part have caught his attention. Calling it "the wildest rumor in the world," he indicated that the only way he might end up playing Bond is if the executives in charge bowed to the pressures brought by the heavy speculation. "If it was to happen it would be the will of the nation, because there have been no talks between me and the studios about any of that," he explained, seeming neither shaken nor stirred.

"But everywhere I go, people want that to happen," Elba said.

Elba can be seen in "Star Trek Beyond," in theaters now. Next year, he will play the part of the gunslinger Roland Deschain in Sony's adaptation of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower," which is due for U.S. release February 17, 2017.

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