Idol Thoughts 9/9

Figured I'd give you a glimpse of the daily coverage I'm putting up at the Comic Book Idol blog here.

A mixed bag this time around, including a link to a great interview with one of this year's judges.

Jonah Weiland has a great interview with Comic Book Idol Season 1 runner-up Jonathan Hickman up here. It includes a neat scoop on Hickman's upcoming Image series, which he is writing and coloring, "A Red Mass For Mars," illustrated by Ryan Bodenheim.

Here a few more sample pages from entrants (you can see more entrants and find their websites on the Submission Thread)...

First up is Jimmy Bott, a 28-year-old from Hythe, UK...

Next is Roger Alcocer, also 28, from Compton, California...

Finally, here is Andrew Huerta, a 23-year-old from Santa Ana, California...

Here are a couple more comments from the Comic Book Idol Submission Round Public Comment Thread...

Poster GrandMaster Funk had this to say:

Alexander Rumenov Stojanov- I really like his stuff. A lot like Hitch. I'd be shocked if he didn't make it.

William Blankenship, Shane Johnson, Chris Rhodes, Atula Wickramaratne Siriwardane, Christian Andrews, Jorge Munoz, Andrew Hureta, Will Sliney are my favorites from the first two pages.

Poster kalorama adds the following thoughts:

After the initial flurry, looks lik the submission rate has slowed down while the submission quality has bumped up. Jimmy Bott and Neil Edwards stuff looks to be pretty impressive.

That's it for today, folks!

If you want to follow the action yourself, just check out the Comic Book Idol 3 forum at CBR, and if not, just follow the Comic Book Idol 3 blog!

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