<i>Identify Thief</i> Director Seth Gordon Still Wants to Play <i>WarGames</i>

Now that Identity Thief has hit theaters, director Seth Gordon has the time to shift his focus back to the planned WarGames reboot. His involvement with the project was first announced back in July 2011, though there hasn't been much discussion of the film since that year. Gordon admitted in a new interview he is looking to get the WarGames train rolling again now that he's completed his recent comedy.

"Essentially, [Identity Thief] moved so fast that it just beat it to the punch. That script has now been written. Before, I had pitched the idea and we were finding a writer," Gordon told Collider. "Now, the script has been written and MGM is deciding what they want to do."

He continued, "To me, it’s so clearly an awesome idea and it’s gotta be made, as far as I’m concerned. I want to direct it, for sure. I just feel like the amount I know about geek world and def-con, and the places where this kind of stuff happens, makes me especially suited to bring it to life, I think. So, I’m certainly going to keep pushing that forward."

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