Idea for a comic that should exist (and probably already does)

Like Dave Campbell, I come up with ideas for comics when I should be working. Here is one, sans awesomely ornate sketches like the ones he does. 

Spider-Man's Pal, Flash Thompson

The wacky misadventures of Spider-Man's number one fan and personal tormentor as he tries to stick up for his hero. Flash takes on super villains, J. Jonah Jameson, and anyone else who badmouths his friendly neighberhood Spider-Man. The title of the series is an intentional call back to the old Jimmy Olsen comic, because the set up's similar, but with a twist; Spider-Man actively does not want Flash's help, and on some level really enjoys when his attempts to help him out blow up in his face. Also, Flash will dress in drag a lot.

The main arc of the story would be about Spider-Man and Flash's relationship. Ideally, it would be like Dan Slott's Spider-Man/Human Torch mini from a few years back, where each issue covered a different era in their history together, starting with their high school days and moving in to their present day status quo (I have no idea what that is; last I saw, Peter David had given Flash convenient memory loss so that Flash forgot they were friends and they were back to their old adversarial jock vs. bully relationship). I've always liked the idea that Flash was Peter Parker's worst enemy and Spider-Man's only fan, so I'd want to play with how that changed over time. I also like the comedic possibilities of Flash trying to fight the Sinister Six and getting his head kicked in, while Spider-Man watches from a distance and has to deal with internal conflict over whether he should save his bully from a horrible beating, or watch him get kicked around for a few more minutes. It allows Peter his usual angst while still being potentially hilarious. Imagine Flash charging in to battle to defend Spidey's honor... against the Rhino or Venom. And being too dumb to know when to quit. I don't know, it amuses me, but I have an occasionally cruel sense of humor.


I think it would work better as a mini, but it could possibly be an ongoing. I tend to like finite stories, but I bet you could do a lot with Flash, as a guy struggling to find his way in the world. I like what David Michelene did with him during his Amazing Spider-Man run, but then again, I was like 8 when I was reading that. But there's story potential there, and I know Michelene played with it a little (I remember Flash being a boxer). He's an ex-football hero and war vet (I guess it would retroactively have to be Iraq now) trying to find his place in the world, inspired by Spider-Man to be a better person, little knowing that his hero is his good friend/that nerd Peter Parker. That could be a really good series. A really good cancelled series, but still.  

I'd write this for free, especially if they could get Paul Smith to draw it (or rotating art teams; Mike Allred or Steve Rude for the '60s, Mark Bagley for the '90s; someone who either drew Spidey during that time period or can evoke the style of the comics at the time). Barring that, I would be honored if Dan Slott stole this, because he could do it perfectly. Unless he's already pitched it and I missed the solicitation in Previews because I don't read Previews. Then I'm sorry for stealing your idea, Mr. Slott, and look forward to issue #1.


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