I'd totally buy a Kate McMillan & The Super Apes spinoff series

CBR posted a preview of one of Marvel's Free Comic Book Day offerings earlier this week, which features a tale by Paul Tobin and Craig Rousseau starring Iron Man, Nova and a brand-new Marvel U. character named ... Kate McMillan:

As it turns out, "Kate McMillan" is also the name of our own Graeme McMillan's wife. Coincidence? It turns out no, it isn't. "Kate McMillan is a supporting character-cum-heroine in Paul Tobin's FCBD book from Marvel," Graeme said. "I saw the script way back when, Douglas Wolk showed me the finished comic on Saturday. It's hilarious, if only because it really kind of looks like her. I have to ask Paul if he sent the artist reference."

I knew she was a great web designer, but I had no idea Kate was the keeper of the Super Apes when they weren't out causing trouble. The things you learn in comics ...

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