I'd Have Let a Certain Character Live in Walking Dead

Yeah, that's an awkward title, but I can't very well spoil stuff, now can I?


In the storyline leading up to the fiftieth issue of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman wanted to make sure readers were kept off-balance and that they did not feel like the world of the survivors were that safe, so in the issues leading up to #50, he killed off a few major characters, most notably the wife and daughter of the main character, Rick.

It was powerful stuff, and I certainly can't begrudge Kirkman for killing off the wife, Lori.

However, I'd have kept the baby, Judith, alive.

I think you get across the whole "No One is Safe" vibe just by killing Lori, while meanwhile, you add a whole new dynamic if it is Rick, his young son Carl and his baby Judith on the run, hiding from zombies. How do you really go "on the run" with an infant? Imagine the new difficulties that would raise! Heck, for one, how do you keep a baby quiet so as to not draw attention from zombies?

I think it'd have been an interesting idea for the book.

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