I'd Be Irked, Too...

Again, bear in mind that Countdown only finished last month so Final Crisis was already well underway long before Countdown and although I've tried to avoid contradicting much of the twists and turns of that book as I can with the current Final Crisis scripts, the truth is, we were too far down the road of our own book to reflect everything that went on in Countdown, hence the disconnects that online commentators, sadly, seem to find more fascinating than the stories themselves.

- Grant Morrison, at Newsarama about Final Crisis #1

Still, I think Grant Morrison has got to get over the fact that it IS going to be a big deal if his current series directly contradicts the comic that was specifically labeled a countdown TO his current series. It is not his fault, and I would be totally irked if I was in his shoes (and I, obviously, don't care myself about ignoring Countdown - heck, I think it should be Federal Law), but whether it is is his fault or not, it IS a notable problem.

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