ICv2 lists top comics properties, defends floppies

The retailer site ICv2 has some handy charts of the most valuable properties for the second quarter of 2010. These make for interesting reading as they include all channels — comics shops, bookstores, and online sales. Kick-Ass tops their list of the Top 15 Superhero Properties, while Scott Pilgrim and R. Crumb's Book of Genesis are the two biggest "Fiction & Reality Titles" — strange bedfellows indeed, and of dubious "reality." This list includes the older American Born Chinese and Fun Home, which shows that a good graphic novel can hold its value. They also post lists of the top manga, kids and tweens, genre, and comic strip properties. All make interesting reading and may raise some eyebrows — Dick Tracy makes the comic strips list, for instance, and who knew Papercutz was doing so well with those Geronimo Stilton graphic novels?

They also looked at the numbers for the first half of 2010 and came to an interesting conclusion: Periodical comics are doing better than graphic novels. In comics shops, sales of graphic novels showed a double-digit drop every month except February, and in bookstores (where the numbers are harder to calculate) they seem to be down as well. Twilight: The Graphic Novel is the best-seller, but ICv2 notes grimly that

The other bestselling movie-driven graphic novel in the first half of 2010, Marvel’s Kick-Ass Hardcover posted sales that were less than 10% of what Watchmen achieved during the same period in 2009.

Projected bright spots include The Walking Dead, Janet Evanovich's Troublemaker (80,000 pre-ordered), and IDW's two James Patterson graphic novels.

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