ICv2 lists the hot comics of 2010

ICv2 has just posted its year-end summary for 2010, and to no one's surprise, it's rather grim:

Comic sales were softer than graphic novel sales in the direct market, but bookstore sales of graphic novels took a major hit even before Borders entered chapter 11 earlier this year. Declines in graphic novels occurred despite two significant media-driven hits in the second half of the year: Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead.

What's interesting about their analysis is that they consider all channels, not just Diamond or Bookscan numbers, so it's a comprehensive overview. They also take a brief look ahead, opining that comics won't get much of a media boost this year because none of the four superhero movies scheduled for this year has a clear connection to a comic. But the most interesting part of the article (which mainly promotes the latest issue of their print report) is their listing of the hottest properties of 2010. Batman topped the list of the top 10 superhero properties, followed by Superman and Kick-Ass; The Walking Dead, Twilight, and Fables headed the list of the top 10 genre properties; and in the curiously mixed category of "Fiction & Reality Titles," Scott Pilgrim, The Book of Genesis, and Logicomix led all the rest. The article also includes lists of top kids', comic strip, and manga properties. It's an interesting snapshot of the year just past, as well as a reminder that there is a lot of variety in comics, even within categories.

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