Iceman's Wedding Reception Hookup May Be a Big, Big Mistake

The X-Men's wedding went both really well for Rogue and Gambit and pretty poorly for Kitty and Colossus, the people who were supposed to be married. This being the X-Men, their troubles don't end there, and in some aspects they get even worse. X-Men Gold #32 issue picks up not long after Kitty Pryde left Colossus at the altar and jumps ahead to the morning after everything has shaken out.

For the last few months, Rachel Summers has been trying to deal with recovering from the psychic attacks she suffered at the hands of Mesmero. Despite her best efforts, things take a turn for the worst when her psychic episodes cause her to lash out and attack her boyfriend Nightcrawler, in addition to other X-Men, including Iceman and the newest Pyro, Simon Lasker.

Simon and Bobby hooked up during the wedding and there's some air to clear between them, considering that Bobby was involved in his recruitment for the Gold team prior to their tryst. It wouldn't be a wedding without two people hooking up after the ceremony, and that tradition doesn't change with superheroes. But Pyro's allegiance shifting puts a wrench in things, along with Bobby and Simon trying to figure out if this will lead to anything more.

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Colossus' sister Illyana, meanwhile, is conflicted about her part to play in her brother's failed wedding. Having talked to Kitty the night before the big day, she feels like she ended up pushing Kitty to make the choice she did, and she's not entirely sure why did that. Does she love Kitty and want her for herself? Was it part of some long gestating plan by a villain?

All will be answered in X-Men Gold #32 by Marc Guggenheim, Pere Perez, Jay David Ramos, and Cory Petit, in stores July 18.

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