Marvel Revives Iceman Ongoing Series with New #1

The Iceman returneth.

Marvel Comics today announced that the mutant Iceman will return for an ongoing solo series helmed by writer Sina Grace and artist Nathan Stockman. Grace was the writer behind Bobby Drake’s last solo arc, which ran from 2017-2018, while Stockman is a new addition to the series.

The returning series introduces new problems for Iceman in the form of a mysterious villain who is hunting Morlocks for sport. In the Marvel Universe, Morlocks are the most downtrodden of all mutants, their disturbing visages and unusual power sets forcing them to live underground, away from the rest of society. Iceman will have to discover who is killing off the Morlocks if he hopes to prevent another Mutant Massacre. The first issue will also feature a guest appearance by Bishop.

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Iceman had his brush with leadership in the pages of X-Men: Gold, but according to Grace that’s not where Bobby’s story will pick-up.

“While he’s fine enough running a team, he knows it’s not where his strengths are best put to use,” Grace said in an interview with Marvel.com. “He’s still sorting out how he fits in this world when he discovers that Morlocks are disappearing in the sewers. What he uncovers in the catacombs is far more terrifying than he could have imagined. From there? Things get really bad.”

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Grace also revealed that Iceman’s relationship with Kitty Pryde will evolve, and that the two will butt heads on serious matters from time to time. The team dynamic with Bishop is also of key interest to Grace. The two mutants have teamed up before, but this time around Iceman is calling the shots.

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“I think they’re gonna [be] fun to have next to each other given Bobby’s new context,” Grace said. “Exploring identity is a huge theme in this series, and Bishop’s a perfect character to have bounce off Bobby… not only ‘cuz he’s kind of more straight-laced than Iceman, but because he’s also this guy trying to establish himself in a world he’s not from. That’s something Bobby can relate to after having to come out to every single human being in his life.”

Marvel canceled Grace’s last Iceman solo series late last year. At the time, the writer posted a heartfelt letter to fans on Twitter, acknowledging that the publisher had given him ample notice about the cancelation and that the story would conclude in a way he had planned since the first issue. At the time of cancelation, Iceman was one of Mavel’s lowest-selling books, which makes the series’ renewal all the more surprising.

Pre-orders for Iceman #1 are open now. The ongoing series by Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman will be available in comic book shops starting on Sept. 12.

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