'Ice Age' Goes Cosmic In New Footage From 'Scrat-tastrophe' Short

The saber-toothed squirrel known as Scrat has been in trouble since the very beginning of Blue Sky Animation's Ice Age franchise. And if you were wondering what more problems he could cause after ending an age of life on the planet, well the obvious answer is send him to the stars.

Ahead of its premier alongside Blue Sky's Peanuts Movie, the studio has released a new clip of Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe – the short film that sees the character interact with a buried space ship.

"He basically rearranges the solar system to become the one we know of today," producer Lori Forte told USA Today of the short. "There are so many things to do with him, but this was something that just sparked and we felt the short would be a perfect vehicle for it."

The Peanuts Movie opens today in theaters everywhere.

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