Icarus on Robot 6 pg 06

Icarus is a comic by Ryan Cody and is serialized here on Robot 6, with new pages every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

These photos of The Diabolist in costume is the only time in Issue #1 that we see anyone in a costume. Icarus is an action/intrigue comic first and a superhero comic second. I love superhero comics after growing up with them and Icarus is my take on the Chris Claremont X-Men comics I grew up loving so much.

Ryan Cody is the creator, artist, writer, & colorist of ICARUS, a bi-monthly super-powered adventure/espionage book published through Super 75 Comics. Ryan’s past projects include illustrating the graphic novel VILLAINS for Viper

Comics as well as contributing to the Eisner-Award winning anthology, Popgun Vol.3, from Image comics. ICARUS #1 is currently available as both a .99 digital download and in print. For more information or to order a print copy of ICARUS, please visit www.super75comics.com

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