<i>Icarus</i> comes to Robot 6

[Editor's Note: We're very pleased that beginning today, Robot 6 welcomes comics creator Ryan Cody to the blog as we serialize his Icarus comic book. You can find out more about it on his website or in the interview with Ryan we ran earlier this year.]

Starting today, pages from my Icarus comic will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Icarus follows Major Robert Riley on his exploits to track and assassinate all super-powered beings on Earth.  Things aren't all that they seem in Riley's world, girls that can see the future, alien invasions and government conspiracies all play a part in this twisting and turning adventure.

"Wow. This first issue blew me away. I was really, really surprised with this one. Written, drawn, inked and created all by Ryan Cody; ICARUS #1 is an intriguing first issue that zigs when you think it'll zag and continues to leave you spinning right up until the last page. Fans of Dini's BATMAN ADVENTURES, Bendis' POWERS, Brubaker's SLEEPER, and Eisner & Cooke's THE SPIRIT (books I hold in very high regard) will definitely find ICARUS as much of a surprise as I did." - Ambush Bug -www.aintitcool.com

Ryan Cody is the creator, artist, writer, & colorist of ICARUS, a bi-monthly super-powered adventure/espionage book published through Super 75 Comics. Ryan's past projects include illustrating the graphic novel VILLAINS for Viper Comics as well as contributing to the Eisner-Award winning anthology, Popgun Vol.3, from Image comics. ICARUS #1 is currently available as both a .99 digital download and in print. For more information or to order a print copy of ICARUS, please visit www.super75comics.com

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