Icarus #1 Wrap-up

Icarus is a comic by Ryan Cody

and is serialized here on Robot 6, with new pages every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Comments welcome. Icarus #1 wrapped up on Wednesday and we're going to start issue #2 on Monday, with new, never before seen pages posted thrice weekly. The book is just ramping up and was left with a twist at the end of issue #1 that will continue to be explored in the future. For today's post, I thought I would post some character sheets and behind the scenes images, as we get ready for the next chapter to begin on Monday.

Here is the rough layout to issue #1's cover. Since I do all the artwork on the interiors of the book, I thought I would have some fun on the covers and ask some friends to help contribute.

Here are the inks, done by the amazingly talented Scott Godlewski, who is currently illustrating Dracula: In the Company of Monsters for Boom Studios. You can see here, besides adding his own amazing style to the cover, he also redrew and fixed my anatomy on Maj. Riley's arms. My sketch had them too long, so Scott fixed that for me in the inking/finishing stage.

The underrated Rico Renzi worked his magic on the colors for me. I love the way this cover turned out, a bit of an homage to John Byrne's Days of Future Past cover, obviously, but still something I am proud of.

Here are some character profiles drawn by some great artists. Hope to see you all back here on Monday.

Ryan Cody is the creator, artist, writer, & colorist of ICARUS, a bi-monthly super-powered adventure/espionage book published through Super 75 Comics. Ryan’s past projects include illustrating the graphic novel VILLAINS forViper

Comics as well as contributing to the Eisner-Award winning anthology, Popgun Vol.3, from Image comics.ICARUS #1 is currently available as both a .99 digital download and in print. For more information or to order a print copy of ICARUS, please visit www.super75comics.com

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