ICAA Helps Retailers Promote Free Comic Book Day

Official Press Release

Morris, IL - The International Comic Arts Association (ICAA) is pleased to announce that it is providing assistance to comic book retailers in reaching the media to promote the upcoming FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event on July 3rd. At the request of several of the organization's Retail members, the ICAA is providing "ready-to-use" press release templates in Microsoft Word (.doc) format that can be customized with each store's information and then sent to their local media. The press releases allow the event to take a more local news approach and enable retailers to directly benefit from the media coverage in their area by having their store details featured in the release.

Some retailers felt that the releases would be more effective and more readily accepted by the media if produced on ICAA letterhead. In response, the ICAA is providing two versions of the release which are currently available on the ICAA's website, www.comicarts.org, and are ready for downloading. One version contains the ICAA's logo and information the other is blank for retailers to print on their store's letterhead. These materials are being made available to all retailers participating in the event - whether they are members of the ICAA or not.

The documents contain general information about Free Comic Book Day and allows retailers to "fill in the blanks" with their store details and information. Retailers should use these documents as a guide, and are encouraged to edit the text to best suit their needs or to reflect any special events or promotions they may have in-store on Free Comic Book Day. Additionally, some retailers may wish to join forces with other stores in their area to issue the press release in a joint effort to promote the event to their community. Retailers are encouraged to contact the ICAA if they should require additional support or need assistance with any other promotions for Free Comic Book Day.

ICAA Executive Director, Erik Enervold, added,"We are very pleased to be able to answer the call of our retail members and provide these materials to assist all stores in promoting Free Comic Book Day to their local media. With the release of Spider-Man 2 that week, the media will be hungry for comic related news. We hope that this can help retailers more easily promote the event and generate news coverage for their stores and make this years event even more successful."

To download the FCBD Press release on ICAA letterhead click the link below:http://www.comicarts.org/downloads/doc/FCBD_PressRelease_1.doc

To download a blank version to be printed on the store's letterhead click this link:http://www.comicarts.org/downloads/doc/FCBD_PressRelease_1b.doc

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About the ICAA:

Recently launched, The International Comic Arts Association (ICAA) is the comic book industry's premiere trade organization and promotional board uniting all aspects of the industry. This member-driven, non-profit organization is dedicated to strengthening and enhancing the comic book industry, increasing the consumer market and improving the public perception of the medium while also serving to provide a wide range of valuable services and benefits to its members. More information about the ICAA can be found on their website at: www.comicarts.org.

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