Ian Sattler To Leave Humanoids Publishing. New Marketing Manager Wanted For Company's LA Offices

Press Release

­Instead of writing a formal press release, like I¹ve been doing for Humanoids the last two years, I instead decided to write this announcement in a more relaxed fashion. After two great years, Ihave resigned as Marketing Manager for Humanoids Publishing to explore an entrepreneurial venture in comics. I¹d would like to thank everyone I¹ve had the chance to work with over the pat few years as well as Humanoids for giving me the opportunity to work with their company. In addition, I wanted to take this last chance to encourage all of you to buy multiple copies of my book, Metal Hurlant Proudly presents: Pin-Up Girls From Around the World. I guarantee it¹s the best book about half-naked girls the comics industry has ever seen.

In the meantime, Humanoids is looking for a new Marketing Manager for their Los Angeles offices. So, if you or somebody you know is interested, please read the information below and refer to the contact address.

See you this Spring,

Ian Sattler

Graphic Novel Publisher Seeking Marketing Manager

Humanoids Publishing, one of the most successful graphic novel publishers in the world is seeking a new Marketing Manager for their Los Angeles offices. Experience in publishing and promotion with a solid list of media contacts is preferred. Candidate will be responsible for learning the in and outs of the American comic book industry in a timely fashion.

Essential duties/responsibilities involve the following:

- Develop relationships with mainstream media outlets in order to promote line of graphic novels.

- Writing and sending out press releases on a variety of subjects.

- Maintain relationships with distributors and retailers.

- Design promotions and sales strategy including all related materials.

- Maintain customer service e-mail system.

- Maintain and expand company website.

- Work with editorial department to design projects best suited to company vision and current market trends.

- Expand recognition of Humanoids brand.

Other duties may be assigned.

Please refer all resumes, cover letters and questions to: humanoidspub@yahoo.com

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