Ian and Kieth reteam for <i>Demon</i> miniseries

Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian and The Maxx creator Sam Kieth, who worked together previously on Lobo: Highway to Hell, are teaming up again for a miniseries starring Etrigan the Demon. Although DC made it official today, Ian actually announced he was writing the series on Twitter last month.

"I’ve been a fan of Etrigan since I was kid buying comics off of the racks," Ian told DC's The Source blog. "Jack Kirby created him for Hell’s sake and now I get to spew Hellfire like it’s never been spewed before. And I get to blow up Las Vegas. It’s going to be a real vulgar display of power (pun intended)."

The longtime comics fan goes on tour with his new band, The Damned Things, on Jan. 19. The new miniseries is due sometime later this year.

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